Packages and Pricing

With pricing, I try to keep it simple. You’re a professional, have to watch the cashflow and don’t have time to figure out complicated pricing structures.  If you look at many other photography sites you have to look for and add up all the additional costs which end up being far more than the initial cost shown upfront.

Here there are no hidden fees or upsells. What you see is what you get. The quoted price includes basic consultation, the session, basic travel cost within the city, further Photoshop editing and the final digitals.

One half down for the session and one half at the end for the digitals.  (Example: Portrait session: $250.  $125 at the beginning for the photo session and $125 afterwords to get the digital files.)

Physical prints are not included. (I can direct you to other sources for printing.) The only additional costs here are for travel outside the city, or further hours beyond the initial scope. Now that the elephant’s out of the room, you can rest easy, let’s get down to business!

Need web design or help with Google placement?  Check out the basic web design packages below.



Small business photo package: $300-Includes professional portraits of management and staff, products, building property, and on-the-job action shots. 2-3 hour session within Portland, Gresham or Vancouver. You’ll get at least 20 digital photos and website help for uploading photos if needed.

Events-Parties, reunions, conferences, shows, etc.: One 2-hour session-$340 for anywhere within Portland, Gresham or Vancouver. At least 20 selected digital photos.  This includes planning, editing, etc. Each additional hour shooting on location is $50.

Real Estate: $200-2 hour session within Portland or Gresham.  10 selected shots, 5 interior, 5 outside.  This includes planning, editing, etc.  Each addition hour shooting on location is $50.

Portrait with flowerBasic professional headshot: $140-Need something fast for your resume, LinkedIn, etc.?  Here’s a 20 minute session at the location of your choice in Portland, Gresham or Vancouver. This includes five digital photos as well as editing time, etc. To keep this simple, $140 covers the entire thing.

Portrait session-seniors, families, couples, etc.: $250-One to two hour session at a city park session within Portland or Gresham. My suggestions would be Laurelhurst Park, Rocky Butte or Powell Butte, or check out the Gorge special below. This includes the travel, editing time, planning, etc.  15 digitals photos.

Gorge Special-Regular portrait price: $250-Bridal Veil, Multnomah Falls, Crown Point- Portlanders love to hang out in the beautiful Columbia Gorge.  Because these particular spots are great for photoshoots, there’s no extra charge for traveling outside the city for these spots.  If you want a portrait session I’d definitely recommend this one.

Additional travel- $40 for each additional hour of travel beyond the session packages, which includes miles and gas.  (Gorge special does not apply.)

Road at Catherine Creek

webpage example portland orWeb Design

Need a basic small business website?  I have two basic packages:

Basic budget model-$350

  • WordPress platform
  • Planning Consultation
  • 5 pages
  • Social media/seo consultation
  • (Optional) Maintenance $15/month
  • You supply the content, copywriting, etc.
  • Free half-hour photo session (some basic photos for your website, front of building, headshots, candids, etc.)
  • Additional cost for two-hour photo session-$200
  • Domain and hosting set-up


Enhanced small business website-$500

  • WordPress platform
  • Planning Consultation
  • Up to 8 pages
  • Social media/seo consultation
  • Search engine optimized. (Site is audited for better search engine results)
  • Responsive for smartphones and tablets
  • (Optional) Maintenance $20/month
  • You supply the content, copywriting, etc.
  • Domain and hosting set-up
  • Free half-hour photo session (some basic photos for your website, front of building, headshots, candids, etc.)
  • Additional cost for two-hour photo session-$200 (This is a more involved session with interior, products, portraits, etc.)


Search engine audit-$175

If your business can’t be found on Google, you’re missing some low hanging fruit, because potential clients are probably using Google and other search engines to search for your product or service in the area.

For this service I do a basic search engine audit where I go through the site and look through a list and discuss a plan of action to get your site set up for search engines, as well as taking the time to enter your name into various local search engines like Oregonlive, Yelp, etc.  No, I won’t guarantee you’ll be on top of the Google rankings, but doing these things will help people find you on Google.

For more in depth information on this check out my article on Local Search Engine Marketing.


Website photo session
If you are having me design a website, the normal $300 price for a photo session will drop down to $200!

For example: Small business website $500 + photo session $200 is $700 for a full website and photo session

Note: I realize there are a lot of variables such as having your own hosting, trading work, etc. so yes, I am open to negotiation on the prices and packaging.