Small Business Web Design and SEO

Guitar lessons websiteSo you need a website.

Here’s my philosophy on websites.  Great design is simple and elegant, especially nowadays.  If you look at Google’s website or Apple products, you’ll see what I mean.

This applies to a smaller business as well.  Potential customers just want to get the information they need without having to navigate through clutter.  This means that when they want to buy from you, make it as easy as possible for them to click “buy”, or find your store, or call your number or whatever you need them to do.

I have all this in mind whether I’m taking photos, putting together a webpage, or entering the site into local search engines.  The advantage of this is that we don’t need to drive the cost up like some larger companies will want you to do.  So the basic business website is both affordable and clean at the same time.

So with Taylor Web Design, you’ll get:

  • An initial consultation with advice on how you can set the site up to maximize exposure and sales
  • Additional advice on search engines and social media
  • Your best presentation with some free basic photos from a half-hour photo session
  • Savings of time and headache with domain and hosting set-up so you don’t have to deal with it. (Domain and hosting fees for one year are included in the cost.)
  • Basic search-friendly features so you can be found more easily on Google
  • Design with smartphones, tablets, and desktops in mind so you’ll look good on all platforms.
  • Advice on sales-friendly writing (You do the writing, but I’ll give input.)


Search Engine Set-up

Search engine results guitar lessonsIf your business can’t be found on Google, you’re missing some low hanging fruit, because potential clients are probably using Google and other search engines to search for your product or service in the area.

What’s a search engine set-up you might ask?  That’s just where I look over and set up your site to be found on Google, Bing and other search sites.

By the way don’t listen to the guys calling you claiming to be Google!  Spending 300/month or whatever with someone you don’t know is a lot to ask.  They’ll tell you things like you’ll be on the top of Google or whatever.  I can’t tell you which ones are legitimate or not, because I don’t trust them myself.  The difference between me and them is I don’t promise top rankings, but I also don’t use spam tactics or charge you an exorbitant subscription fee.


My service is just a one-time audit.

For this service I do a basic search engine audit where I go through the site and look through a list and discuss a plan of action to get your site set up for search engines, as well as taking the time to enter your name into various local search engines like Oregonlive, Yelp, etc.  No, I won’t guarantee you’ll be on top of the Google rankings, but doing these things will help people find you on Google.

With a search engine set-up you’ll get:

  • A look through the site to make sure all pages looks good to Google (note: 15 page site limit, most basic business sites are 5-10 pages.)
  • Local exposure by having your business entered into search sites.
  • Savings of time and hassle while I handle the forms and technicalities of these local sites.
  • Ease for your customers to find your business name or location whether on their smartphone, Google maps, tablet or laptop.

For more in depth information on this check out my article on Local Search Engine Marketing.

Check out the prices here.  I’m sure there’s lots of questions, so when you’re ready, give me a call, text or email.  503-807-3557 or

If you want more examples of websites, here’s my portfolio.